AVRS Marks WIPO Day at Alaba International Market Lagos Nigeria, Wednesday April 26, 2017

1. Introduction

The event was organized in solidarity with the rest of the world to commemorate this year’s WIPO Intellectual Property Day themed “Innovation: Improving lives” and was implemented in agreement with this year’s mandate of evaluating how innovations have impacted lives positively and to stimulate more ideas that would translate human myriad of problems to progresses. To achieve these objectives, Nigeria’s sole Collective Management Organisation for cinematograph films: Audio-Visual Rights Society of Nigeria (AVRS), on April 26, facilitated a one-day massive public enlightenment campaign to celebrate copyright owners and assess the effects of their artistic creations on the life of an average citizen. Alaba International market played host to the program and its atmosphere was set abuzz upon the arrival of a horde of Nollywood stars including film producers, directors and marketers in preparedness for the occasion of the day. 

Figure 1:  Bond Emeruwa(AVRS Chairman), Hilda Dokubo (actress), Emeka Mozoba ( FFDA chairman) leading AVRS team during arrival at event venue, April 26 2017.


The venue; Alaba International market is a beehive of film marketers and traders of assorted wares notorious for copyright infringement activities in Nigeria and hitherto a no-go-area for piracy campaign events.


2. Chairman's Opening Remark

Addressing the crowd in the opening remarks, AVRS chairman Bond Emeruwa highlighted historical background to the WIPO IP Day which he noted commenced in the year 2000 as an initiative of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO); a specialized agency of the United Nations Organisation. Accentuating on the numerous benefits of Nollywood including its substantial contributions to the Nigeria Gross Domestic Product (GDP) annually, he specified the event core objective which he said is positioned to engender more innovative intelligence, celebrate copyright owners and bring their inventions to public knowledge.

Figure 2: AVRS Chairman (Bond Emeruwa) giving his opening remark at the event.


He equally used the opportunity to call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to implement the copyright (levy on materials) order which was assented by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice in 2012 but left unimplemented till now, underscoring its relevance if in effect, saying it would go a long way to assuaging the suffering of right owners and encouraging investors and other stakeholders in the industry to create more prospects.


“This is an exercise that we have been pursuing vigorously and we promise that soon, filmmakers will have cause to smile. We have engaged with hotels, broadcast organizations and other users of your works and the response has been very encouraging. We implore other users of cinematography works to ensure they are licensed as we are set to use all means within our power to enforce our rights. The lives of our filmmakers must be improved,” he concluded.


3.     Hilda Dokubo Gives Keynote Address on “ Effects of Piracy on Creatives”

One of Nollywood’s prima donnas- Hilda Dokubo was the keynote speaker at the event. Her address titled: The Effects of Piracy on Creatives” contextualized the global theme in line with the Nigerian peculiar experience. Beginning her speech, she educated the audience on the meaning of Intellectual Properties enumerating the domino effects of piracy on the creatives or right owners, an act she described as tantamount to rape and armed robbery.

Figure 3: Hilda Dokubo gives keynote address at the event.



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