Sole Collective Management Organization For Audiovisual Works In Nigeria

Audiovisual Rights Society of Nigeria

According to section 88 of the Nigerian Copyright Act, 2022,  any public use of a copyright protected audiovisual works require a license. When such work is played in public, Screenwriters, Directors, Actors and Producers are entitled to remuneration. Without AVRS, businesses that use audiovisual works in their premises/facilities will have to get permission from every individual rightsholder for every audiovisual works they use, and they would have to pay each of them directly. 

This permission is not granted through the purchase of a audiovisual work, whether it is through a DVD, Hard or flash drives or any other device which only allows for private use of the purchased audiovisual works. AVRS simplifies this complex process through audiovisual copyright licenses obtainable from AVRS only. Research has proven that customers spend more time and money in bars, restaurants, lounges, barbing & hair dressing salons and other such business premises where they watch movies and other videos. 

Who We Work With

Film Creators

These include producers, directors, writers of cinematograph works, as well as actors. who put all elements together to bring a film to life

Film Consumers

These are people, businesses or companies who use audiovisual works in a public or commercial setting in the course of doing business, these include; hotels, commercial buses, salons, offices, airplanes e.t.c

how it works

Film creators ( producers, directors, writers of cinematograph works, as well as actors.) are entitled to royalties every time their work  is exploited in a public and/or commercial setting

AVRS collects money from public/commercial users such as Hotels, Salons, Restaurants, Airlines, Halls, Transport Facilities and many others. We then distribute this money to audiovisual works creators in form of royalties.

As an audiovisual work user, you need to apply for a license before deploying these works commercially.

As an audiovisual work Creator, you need to apply to become a member.

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