The Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone 2, Mr. Adeleke Adeyinka, mni has assured the creative community in Nigeria of his full support and that of the Nigerian Police in the war against the infringement of intellectual property of creative people in the Nigerian film sector.

Mr. Adeyinka who was excited to receive Nollywood stars in his Onikan, Lagos office on Friday, June 3, 2022 said that he is very proud of the actors and the impact their movies and films are making across the globe and that the police will work closely with stakeholders in the film industry, to ensure that the commercial and public use of audiovisual works are done within the ambit of the law and that no infringer of copyright will successfully escape paying for the commercial use of audiovisual works in their business premises within the zone.

The delegation of Audio Visual Rights Society of Nigeria (AVRS) was led by its chairman, Mr. Mahmood Ali-Balogun. Addressing the AIG, Mr. Ali-Balogun who was accompanied by top Nollywood actors and directors said, “We are here today as a follow up to our last visit, to thank you and the police for the huge support so far given to AVRS in the legal discharge of its mandate in the Lagos and Ogun zone and to further request for the continued support of the AIG and police, to ensure that commercial users of our films and movies within the jurisdiction of the AIG fully comply with the extant law. In the last one year, since we embarked on our compliance drive around the Lagos metropolis, the police has been very supportive and the men of the force have conducted themselves very honourably.

In continuation, Mr. Ali-Balogun said, “AVRS is an organisation set up under the Copyright Act, Cap C28, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and is approved by the Nigerian Copyright Commission, to act as the sole collective management organisation (CMO) for cinematograph films. AVRS represents actors, screenwriters, directors and producers in the movie industry some of who are here present today and our job as a CMO is to ensure that organisations using the works of these rightholders are properly and fully licensed. We have always followed due process by ensuring that users are well informed and given enough time to meet their copyright obligations to AVRS.  It is however sad that despite these efforts, some users are still recalcitrant and unwilling to respect the law and since we cannot take laws into our hands, we always need the assistance of the police, to ensure compliance and keep the peace. Above all, the illegal use of our copyright works in these facilities without an AVRS licence is both civil and criminal matter. So, we thank you once again for your understanding of the plight of our members and lending your support and that of the police in the fight against copyright theft.”

Mr. Adeyinka who thanked Mr. Ali-Balogun and his delegation for the visit assured AVRS that the police will do all within its power and the ambit of the law, to assist its compliance drive and ensure that the problems are promptly addressed. The AIG however, called on the leadership of AVRS to invest more on enlightenment and education of the users and relevant law enforcement agencies on the subject of copyright.

The AIG and the AVRS leadership went on to discuss and resolve on the immediate steps to take, to ensure that copyright infringers no longer escape payment or claim ignorance.

On a final note, Mr. Ali-Balogun called on all recalcitrant commercial users of audiovisual works to stop shopping for help where there is none in an attempt to undermine the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He strongly advised them to simply obey the law by meeting their copyright obligations to AVRS.

On the AVRS team to the visit to the AIG were two members of the AVRS Board, High Chief Olurotimi Aina Kusoro and Mr. Yemi Solade, Nollywood stars and members of AVRS, Mr. Francis Onwochei, Mr. Adebayo Salami popularly known as oga Bello, Mrs. Monalisa Chinda-Coker, Mr. Adeoye Adewale popularly known as Elesho, and AVRS Acting General Manager, Mrs. Olubukola Adeyemi. Also on the team was the AVRS Consultant, Prince Biodun Eguakhide.


Olubukola Adeyemi
Acting General Manager

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